ZEYBRA: Refinement, Energy and Modernity, Made in Italy.


A top quality brand, designed and produced by Clan srl, Zeybra is one of the leading labels within the market of man swimwear. Respecting the “made in Italy” tradition, Zeybra collections remind of an elegant and pleasant summer feeling, recognizable for its great quality and manufacturing.
Refinement, energy and modernity are the features which mark Zeybra DNA. There is no age limit for Zeybra customers. The label’s products are conceived for everyone who loves great quality, fresh and innovative items.



A swimsuits collection for men marked by high quality and innovative design. Original prints and colors together with refined accessories make Zeybra’s items a “must” of the made in Italy beachwear.

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The swimsuit collection for kids by Zeybra accurately duplicates men prototypes in smaller sizes ( from 02 to 14 y.o.) sticking to the same colors, prints and designs.

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The swimsuits collection for men and kids introduce the possibility to have a combined stylish beach outfit perfect for fathers and sons.

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Everyone can personalize Zeybra’s swimming costumes directly at the shop, making them unique.

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